Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sketching sketches that sell

I'm more likely to do the typical fantasy illustrators "sketch" on a loose sheet of bristol board then in my sketchbook. For one, it's bigger and I like breathing room, and two, it's ready to sell when I'm done. As much as I'm kept busy with publishing commisions, I sometimes need to supplement my income with art sales through E-Bay (seller Fanvisions) or the awesome Heritage Auction galleries ( And when I do sell art, what sells best? You guessed it. Theres no question that the bare breasted fantasy female fetches better prices then anything else, and, while I can't be sure of the motivations of all the other fantasy artists who walked this road, while I do it because its lots of fun, I wouldn't if it didn't sell. More of these later, I promise ;)

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pomly said...

Mike, it's Mark, signed in with the wife, awesome blog, dude. Always great to see new stuff from you. How is the family? You guys are living in Patagonia????