Friday, December 17, 2010

The Felar

One of several recent fantasy paintings for

Pencil, gouache, ink

© 2010 Mike Dubisch


Isha Shiri said...

You have a very particular world view, life and death, not too as divine beings. Interesting.

Thanks add me in BlogCatolog and more. It's a pleasure for me follow your Blog.

I wish you success.

The Art Of Mike Dubisch said...

Thank you Isha, for coming to view my work and for your insightful thoughts. Best wishes to you as well! :)

CCG Coordinator said...

Hi Mike,
I saw you were a follower on the CCG blog, thanks! After visiting your blog I must say I am most impressed with your work! This particular piece is very eye-catching! Most all your pieces have a very fluid, organic composition. The painting style and color choices are reminiscent of Frazetta/Vess/Rackham watercolor illustrations with a little Bakshi animation thrown in! These are compliments, BTW. Where would pieces like this fall in your commission fee schedule (impressive on it's own for your audacity to lay it all out :-) )?
Happy New Year!
Kind regards,
-Jonathan Gilpin (CCG Coordinator)

The Art Of Mike Dubisch said...

Thanks , CCG - I'm a huge fan of all those guys, of course :^)

I'm available for commissions anytime-

Turn around time varies but I've never yet kept anyone waiting long on a paid commission.

Happy New Year to you as well and thanks again for getting in touch!